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Hello Fans this is a POP up shop inside our Legacy Shop. This means you can order these products for a short time only. GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW!. These are special order products at this time and the collection will only be opened a short period of time. These special products will be available for pick up by November 12th at the PRO SHOP inside Legacy Sports Clubhouse. 6330 S. Pecos Suite 108. 
These are custom garments made when you order please double check your sizes prior to ordering. 

You will notice Legacy Baseball Logo's and Legacy Select Logo's to choose from. The L-Torch Logo and the LS (select) are available. The Legacy Select is our Majors division teams. NOW ORDER THAT GEAR AND SUPPORT LEGACY BASEBALL!! GO TEAMS!!

Most of these products have multiple color choices and multiple logos to choose from. So open up the product to see your choices. 

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